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Connix LED- Now Back in Stock. Award winning innovation from Sparex!

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  • NTN SNR Four-Bolt Flanged Unit (UCF204)
  • ROKK™ Mini GoPro and Garmin Plate

    S.119761 - ROKK™ Mini GoPro and Garmin Plate

    Fits directly to GoPro Camera (all models)+ Garmin Virb X/XE Adjustable Body and Base Mount Sold Separately GoPro Not Included
  • ROKK™ Mini Universal Phone Clamp

    S.119760 - ROKK™ Mini Universal Phone Clamp

    Secure mount for smart phones, handheld GPS and other small devices Ratchet adjustable Fits devices from 45mm to 95mm (1 ¾″ – 3 ¾″)
  • ROKK™ Mini Universal Tablet Clamp

    S.119759 - ROKK™ Mini Universal Tablet Clamp

    Secure mount for mini and full size tablets Ratchet Adjustable Fits devices from 125mm to 210mm (5 – 8 ¼″)
  • ROKK™ Mini Suction Mount

    S.119758 - ROKK™ Mini Suction Mount

    Suitable for sticking to: GRP, Glass and Smooth non-porous surfaces
  • ROKK™ Mini Self Adhesive Surface Mount

    S.119757 - ROKK™ Mini Self Adhesive Surface Mount

    3M self-adhesive base mountFits any flat surfaceNo drilling required to install
  • ROKK™ Mini Cable Tie Mount

    S.119756 - ROKK™ Mini Cable Tie Mount

    Over-size rail mount base Fits wide range of non-standard rail sizes
  • ROKK™ Mini Rail Mount

    S.119755 - ROKK™ Mini Rail Mount

    Rail Mount Base Fits wide range of rails from 19mm – 34mm (3/4″ – 1 ¼″) Includes 3 x soft rail grip pad inserts for the perfect fit
  • ROKK™ Mini Surface Mount

    S.119754 - ROKK™ Mini Surface Mount

    Screw Down Base Mount Fits any flat surface
  • ROKK™ Mini Adjustable Body

    S.119753 - ROKK™ Mini Adjustable Body

    A compact, quick release and multi adjustable mounting system for smart phones, tablets, digital and action cameras. Universal Compatibility - A choice of base mounts to mount your devices how you want, where you want. Designed, not just made - With features that you’ll feel and hear more than you’ll see. Quick Fit, Quick Release - Install your devices instantly onboard. With one reassuring click your tech is both secured and released. Adjust, Release, Lock - Choose your perfect angle then lock your device into place with just one turn of your hand. Metal-on-metal locking system - Multipliy your clamping efforts to achieve 100% locking force. Your electronics will never move until you want them to.
  • 12V Jump Start Multi-functional Power Bank

    S.113139 - 12V Jump Start Multi-functional Power Bank

    Easy to use, jump start any vehicles up to 8L petrol, 5L diesel motors Long battery life cycle: 1,000 cycles Multi-functional power bank for mobile phone, tablet and various digital devices 12V Jump Start Multi-functional Power Bank. Output voltage: 5V/2A & 5V/1A suitable for mobile phone, tablet and various digital devices12V/10A suitable for 12V vehicle electronic products19V/3.5A suitable for laptop. Input voltage: 15V/1A. Battery Capacity: 18,000mAH. Start current: 300A. Peak current: 600A. Operation: -20° \~ 60°C (-4° \~ 140°F). Charging time: 6 Hours (230V AC Charger). Jump start cycle: Approximate 40 *subject to battery condition. Vehicle type: 8.0L Petrol, 5.0L Diesel. Battery type: LiCoO2 (Lithium cobalt oxides). Material: ABS VO (Fireproofing). Life time: Approximate 1,000 Cycles. Battery (On standby): 6 Months in dry storage. LED lighting: Flash, SOS, Constant. Built-in safety features: Reverse Polarity Protection, Reverse Charge Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, Overload-Protection, Starting override. Always follow OEM recommendation and procedure prior to any emergency jump start or boost start your vehicle.
  • Mirror Head - Rectangular, (Convex), 364 x 214mm, Universal Fitting
  • ROKK™ Mini Camera Plate

    S.119762 - ROKK™ Mini Camera Plate

    Standard ¼'' thread mount for digital and action cameras Fits a wide range of devices featuring a ¼'' thread mounting point Adjustable Body and Base Mount Sold Separately Camera Not Included
  • ROKK™ Mini Safety Tether

    S.119763 - ROKK™ Mini Safety Tether

    Use your devices safely and in confidence after detaching from ROKK Mini Body Attaches to fixture point on ROKK Mini Body Base
  • ROKK™ Mini Track Screw Adapter

    S.119764 - ROKK™ Mini Track Screw Adapter

    Fits reversing camera systems S.23051, S.23053, S.119466, S.28801, S.118112 & S.109863
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