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  • 9m Antenna cable for Surveillance Farmcam HD System
  • Antenna 5dBi for MachineCam HD
  • Antenna Cable 9M For S.109845
  • Camera Kit for MachineCam HD

    Camera Kit for MachineCam HD

    Contains: 1 x CMOS Camera, 1 x Power CableBuilt in heater (anti-condensation and anti-frost)
  • Camera Power Cable for MachineCam HD
  • Direct Monitor Power Cable for MachineCam HD
  • Double Suction Bracket for MachineCam and MachineCam HD
  • Fence Alarm - Luda

    Fence Alarm - Luda

    FenceAlarm is an electric fence monitor that alerts you immediately when the fence breaks which means you can act quickly and avoid the animals from escaping.With FenceAlarm each farm saves on average 50 hours per year which makes it a good investment But the best thing about FenceAlarm is that you can keep calm and be sure that the animals are kept in the pasture. FenceAlarm notifies you through an app (My.Luda.Farm) if the voltage in your fence would drop. With Alarm+ (optional), you will receive an alarm immediately in case the voltage drops in addition to a convenient voltage graph to help you determine whether the voltage drop is due to animals or shrubs/rain. FenceAlarm can be used everywhere where there is GSM coverage. The app is available for Android, Mac, IOS, and Windows. 3 year warranty.SIM card, GSM connection and 12 month of Alarm+ are included.
  • MachineCam HD Wireless Camera System

    MachineCam HD Wireless Camera System

    MachineCam HD is a wireless camera system with very high image quality (HD) and long range (300 m). Developed to perform without interference in the toughest of conditions. Often used for harvesting, baling, reversing, etc. For safer and more efficient work.The camera can be used together with the original Luda Farm Powerbank (S.129833), a solid rechargeable battery with a very strong magnet. This allows you to move and place the camera where it captures the best video for you on your vehicle or machine.The monitor on MachineCam HD is improved with higher resolution, greater clarity + 25% (for sunny days) and the new image format, true 16: 9, that shows the image exactly as it looks in reality.The camera system delivers high definition video in all light conditions. In the dark, the camera's high-powered IR-system lights up approx. 15 meters in front of the camera.The MachineCam HD screen automatically connects up to 4 cameras and can automatically switch to the reverse-camera when reversing. With the split-screen feature, you can view 2 cameras simultaneously. If you want, you can also record your work. With MachineCam HD, you can use an SD card to easily record and document what you see on the monitor.Robust construction and built to last.Contains: 1 x 7 TFT-LCD Monitor 800 (RGB) x 720 Resolution (S.164681)1 x 1/3 CMOS Camera & Power Cable (Additional Camera Kit S.164681)1 x Removable sunvisor(S.164687)1 x Dual Suction Bracket (S.128975)1 x 3m 12V Cigarette plug for monitor (S.164684)1 x 3m Power cable for monitor (S.164685)1 x Manual
  • MachineCam Mobility

    MachineCam Mobility

    A truly wireless camera system with unique combination of battery and strong magnets that allows camera and battery to be moved quick and easy between different machinery.Use when harvesting, baling or reversing. All-you-need-in-a-box.3 years warranty.One camera system – many usage areas Night-vision, water-resistant (IP66)Battery time 20-26 hours
  • MachineCam Mobility bundle

    MachineCam Mobility bundle

    Get a free display stand when you buy the machine Cam Mobility bundleA truly wireless camera system with unique combination of battery and strong magnets that allows camera and battery to be moved quick and easy between different machinery.Use when harvesting, balingor reversing. All-you-need-in-a-box.3 years warranty.One camera system – many usage areas.Night-vision, water-resistant (IP66)Battery time 20-26 hours
  • Magnetic Antenna for MachineCam and MachineCam HD
  • Mobility Powerbank for MachineCam

    Mobility Powerbank for MachineCam

    A power bank that connects to your MachineCam, MachineCam HD, MachineCam Mobility, MachineCam MiniA powerful battery (22 000 mAh)Installation takes secondsWaterproof on-off switchRugged, water-resistant design (IP66)3-year warranty (online registration required)Included in the BoxPowerBank with on/off button and integrated magnetMagnet including screws and washers for the cameraCharger 100-240VAC in, 5V 600 mA out with four exchangeable plugs: EU, UK, US and ChinaQuick Install Guide and warranty document
  • Monitor Adaptor, 12V, for MachineCam HD
  • Monitor Sunshield for MachineCam HD
  • Replacement Camera - Wireless, for MachineCam Mobility
  • Replacement Monitor Kit, 7'', Colour

    Replacement Monitor Kit, 7'', Colour

    Contains: 1 x 7''TFT-LCD Monitor1 x Removable sunvisor (S.164687)1 x Dual Suction Bracket (S.128975)1 x 3m 12V Cigarette plug for monitor (S.164684)1 x 3m Power cable for monitor (S.164685)
  • SmartPlug Luda (UK)

    SmartPlug Luda (UK)

    Luda.SmartPlug is a smart remote power switch you can control from your mobile phone.It can be used anywhere you have GSM coverage.Switch your equipment on and off from anywhere in the world and check both the temperature and power consumption.You can also receive alarms in case of a power failure or if the temperature goes outside a desired range.Power units, pumps, fans, lighting, etc. – there is a variety of equipment on a farm that you would like to keep an eye on even when you are not there.Using the My.Luda.Farm app, you can remotely control your equipment and also keep track of the current temperature, the current power consumption of the connected equipment (W) and the total consumption (kWh).A range of additional options is available, including timers, thermostats and alarms.Gathered in the same app as your other Smart Farming products, My.Luda.Farm provides a collective and instant overview of key areas on the farm right on your mobile phone.There is no monthly fee for remotely controlling the electric power or checking the temperature/power consumption. For enhanced functionality, Control+ is also available . 12 month of Control+ is included in the price. SIM card, GSM connectionare included3 year warranty
  • Solar Charger - 3W

    Solar Charger - 3W

    The solar panel that charges the battery for youWith the solar panel SolarCharger 3W connected to your FenceAlarm your battery will always be fully charged. This means that you no longer have to mount down and bring home your FenceAlarm unit for charging. Why not save time and energy using the sun’s rays? Natural energy at its best!
  • Solar Charger - FarmCamMobility - 3W
  • Support Bracket for MachineCam and MachineCam HD
  • Surveillance Farmcam HD Camera (UK)
  • Surveillance FarmCam HD System (UK)

    Surveillance FarmCam HD System (UK)

    FarmCam HD is a professional wireless camera system that is easy to install, interference free and gives you video in Full HD. View the video directly on your TV, computer or connect to the internet and watch the video stream on your smartphone/tablet with the FarmCam HD App.Benefits:Direct in your TV, PC or Smart-Phone (with internet)Up to 1250m rangeWireless setup without the need of Internet connection.Alarms, night vision, recordingFullHD 1920X1080Plug and play!
  • Surveillance Farmcam Mobility System

    Surveillance Farmcam Mobility System

    FarmCam Mobility is a tough camera made for farms and outdoor environments.Through its 4G network technology and built-in battery you can place it anywhere as long as you have mobile network.This gives you the possibility to surveillance e.g. your machines or animals in places you could never reach before.You don´t need to worry about WiFi access or power. This powerful camera also has motion detector, night vision, recorder, mic, speaker and full HD.Sim-card included (4G/3G)Water proof constructionBuilt in rechargeable battery (7800 mAh) Built-in Mic and Speaker (talk-back-function)Wide-angle-lens (110 degrees)Up to 10 m night VisionMotion detection with recordingFull HD resolution with 6 X Digital ZoomEasy-To-Install
  • Surveillance Farmcam System IP2 (UK)

    Surveillance Farmcam System IP2 (UK)

    FarmCam IP2 is an outdoor wireless surveillance camera that monitors your farm in Full HD and starts recording when it detects motion. A valuable tool if you want to check the calving box, machine hall or diesel tank when you’re not there.Benefits:Full HD image and soundMotion detection Night visionRecordingMade for outdoor use (IP66)Digital ZoomFor mobile/ tablet/ PCIncluded:Outdoor camera (IP 66) with 1 meter power cable3 dBi antennaCamera standOutdoor power adapter (IP 44) with 1.8m cable30 cm network cable with USB connection (used during setup)ScrewsRJ45 adapterStep-by-step installation guide3 year warranty (online registration required)
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